Want steak without guilt? Eat grass-fed meat that's free of antibiotics

Beef from grass-fed cattle is leaner, healthier, and less costly to the planet--and may even be safer to eat!

Most U.S. raised bovines feast on a grain mix made up mainly of cheap corn. Just like humans on a high-carb diet, grain-fed cows fatten up fast. This gives ranchers a quick, inexpensive turnaround from the feedlot to your supermarket's meat department. But a number of retro ranchers are feeding their herds the way they all did 50 or so years ago: letting them roam the fields to graze at will. They're switching to grass for a variety of reasons, including a desire to improve their animals' quality of life.

We have a selection of Pastured Chicken, Turkey, and pork and Grass Fed Beef and Buffalo.  These treasures are hidden in our chest freezer in the rear of te store!  It even has a nice array of vegetarian options!

Food Allergies

Food allergies such as nut allergies, gluten allergies, and dairy allergies can be hard to deal with. We carry several foods to help you cope with your allergies. Such as gluten free breads, pizzas shells, crackers, various cake and pancake mixes, a little of all the "Basics".  With  the greater availability in the market we have reduced the size of this section; however special orders are easy and quick to arrive, for those who let us know.

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Freezer Foods

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