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Vitamins, Herbs, and More!

Introducing our 2013
Wellness Program!

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Green Coffee Bean Extract
Read Dr. Oz's Fact Sheet before you decide!

Throughout the past twenty years we've been in business, we've worked hard to find the products that
honor your body with results and to stay away from fad items.

Some of our superior workhorses include:

  • Nature's Sunshine
  • Viva Vitamins
  • King Bio Homeopathics
  • Planetary Herbals
  • Source Naturals 
  • Flora, Inc.
  • Carlson's
  • Nature's Plus
  • Barleans
  • Hylands Homeopathics
  • Arthur Andrews

Looking for specific herbs?
We carry many herbs & spices in capsule and bulk form.
Check out our list, all available by the ounce:Bulk Herbs

Wondering how much to take?

Try Juanita's Wellness Protocol!

When you're ill, follow this protocol for taking your supplements:

Day 1: Every Hour
Day 2: Every 2 Hours
Day 3: Every 3 Hours

Following 2 Weeks:
4 Times per Day

Interested in a
Personalized Wellness Recipe?

Visit our Wellness Page to find out more!