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When I came to 15 minutes later, I just kept ranting where is my hypericum.  I kept opening cabinets, looking in baskets and chanting "I need my hypericum"  I received a call from my daughter who called to just chat and she said that all I kept saying "was I needed my hypericum.  Do you have my hypericum?" and it freaked her out; so she called Ron.  He told her what had happened and that he was outside trying to corral "Brownie".  She arrived 20 minutes later with her hypericum; but in the mean time I had located mine.  She told me she was taking me to the doctor to be checked out and I continued to chant "No, I have my hypericum!"  Finally, they convinced me to be checked out if the doctor had an opening; but I was not going to the emergency room . . . Drat - they said yes, bring me right in.  An x-ray confirmed my jaw was broken and they sent me to an orthopedic clinic.  The doctor reviews the x-ray, confirms the break and explains that I will be wired shut for the next 6 weeks and apolagizes and tells me I severed my trigeminal nerve and I will have chronic pain down my right face the rest of my life.  Well the first thing I told him was STOP - that is a voodoo hex and I will NOT have ANY pain, cause I have been using my hypericum every 5 minutes.  

He looked at me with that poor lady, she's still in shock look.  They prepped me and put me under and over the next 6 weeks I fought with the constraints of the jaw and only getting liquids in.  However, I continued to take my hypericum tiny pills 3 times a day as well as adding lecithin and an herbal blend Nerve 8 by Natures Sunshine Products  to my shakes.  And actually was able to be unwired a week early.  That was in 2008 and I have NEVER had the pain they all tried to hex me with.  

We do keep a ziploc bag with the Survivor Man paper and all the remedies in each of the vehicles and bug out bags!  And we keep an Arnica in the medicine cabinet at ALL times cause as we grow older we find our weekend racking and hiking to cause more achiness than we used to :) 

This compact first aid kit will stimulate your bodies electrical healing impulses when used as soon as possible.  Generally folks take 3 tiny pills under the tongue every 5 minutes the first hour- then 3 times a day till they feel relieve or follow up with herbal remedies to support the physical nutritive needs of the body!

Emergency Care

Below are the items that the base to our first aid kit, our 3 day emergency bag promoted by the Red Cross for disasters and in each of our vehicles and garage . . . YES! we 5 of these kits put together :)  Why?  because homeopathics work the best immediately ~

I like to share my worse accident experience here to show you the power of homeopathics:

We used to raise our own grass-fed beef, back when you couldn't convince anyone not to feed corn to cows.  Well it came time to take "Brownie' on that ride with no return, when loading he busted thru the shoot - knocked me out - busted my jaw and it also severed my trigeminal nerve.