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Live Free USA

The Mission of Live Free USA is to promote and support self-reliance, self sufficiency, self production for responsible people of all races, religions and nationalities .

Do you wanna become most self Reliant and Grow your own food, save the extras by canning and find the other necessaries all ready to go? Check out some Bulk Herbs all ready to go for the ones you cant grow in your garden. 

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Gro Your Own Garden Supplies

To start your own gardening check out Gro Your Own Garden Supplies on hwy 35 catty corner from walgreens for organic seeds, fertilizers and hydroponic supplies.

Thrive Freeze Dried Foods

~Perfect For Food Storage~
* * *November Specials * * *

                                                    #10 can(10 cups)          Pantry can (3 cups)

Sausage Crumbles                           44.09 reg 62.99           18.49  

Cauliflower                                        20.39                             8.59

Celery- how much do you throw away of the fresh stuff? 24.39                             9.99

Fuji Apple Slices                                25.49                            9.99

Turkey Dices                                     66.39                           26.29

Scrambled Egg Mix                           56.79                          24.09

Honey Whole Wheat Dough              12.89                            5.79

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix                   13.29                            5.99

Gourmet Hot Cocoa                           23.99                            8.99


View our online store here or come into the shop and pay with cash and I'll hand enter the order in and have it come to the shop or to your home which ever you choose :)

Self Reliance

4ever Recap for Canning food

4ever recap lids are made of BPA-free plastic, which is an FDA and USDA approved, food-grade material. The plastic lids meet CFR guidelines. We upgraded the original rubber gasket by replacing it with an unbeatable silicon gasket. The silicon gasket will not stretch or dry out. It is not susceptible to nicks and cuts like other gaskets. The 4ever recap lid and gasket combination is a superior product that will truly allow you to use and reuse your lids endlessly. The lids and gaskets also store neatly with our smart-stack design for off-season storage.