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Knowing which fruits and vegetables have the most, and the least, pesticide residue can help your bank account!

If you must choose, buy the fruits and vegetables on the Dirty Dozen list as organic!

Links we like...

Here's some of the companies and organizations we have found to be reputable... check out their info!!

Eden Organic Foods

Enjoy Life (allergy free foods)

Organic Valley ~ Family of Farms

Organic Consumers Association

EWG's Skin Deep (cosmetic safety) - Calorie Counter website

Did you know conventional
is one of the most heavily sprayed crops!

We carry Righteous Bean
Organic, Fair Trade Coffee.
A much better choice!

Organic Foods

We have lots of bulk herbs, spices and teas, for sale by the ounce.
Bulk Herbs

Do you know the Dirty Dozen?

Zukay Live Foods

We've talked many times about the benefits of fermented foods.  They're so good for the gut, providing lots of beneficial enzymes and probiotics.  Plus they make foods more digestible.  Traditionally made sauerkraut, kim chee, and kvass are all excellent fermented foods for your health but they're not always easy to find already made.

Introducing Zukay Live Foods!  This line of fermented dressings and drinks are an excellent way to get your daily dose of enzymes and probiotics.  Check out their website to see the flavors -

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2014 is YOUR year to start upgrading your food choices for you and your family. We have created on accountability calender for you of what we feel are the most important. Click here to print and post.