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For your personal wellness evaluation, download and print the two links on the left.  We meet with you clinic style, just call in the morning and let us know you will be coming in for an evaluation and want to see Juanita.   The cost is $50 and this will allow for a 30 minute session.  If you would like  more time; it is a dollar a minute after that. 

Some like  an energetic reading for their wellness recipe. print the two links on the left for people, or the one link for animals.  Send a picture plus 15 strands of hair from the nape of the neck on the person, bridle path on horse, or under collar on dog.  Hair needs to be two inches long.  If it is shorter, 1/4 teaspoon is needed.

Send a check for $50 made out to Back To Basics with your hair, head photo shot and completed questionnaire.  Follow ups are usually every 30 - 90 days depending on your systems weaknesses.

Please start working on the general guidelines posted below ~ copy them off and post them on your refrigerator and tackle something new every week!

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About the Wellness Recipes

Using kinesiology's energetic evaluation, each system will be recorded for its level on a scale of 1 to 10. The items (foods, herbs, etc) to be used to restore the energy to 10 as well as the quanitity for the individual's weight will also be recorded. 

Most individuals are reassessed every 30 to 90 days through the first two years, following with assessments one or two times a year for maintance.

As the body uses the herbs and food to stimulate its natural healing ability, the different systems will be able to detox accumulated toxins that have congested the natural flow of the body at the right time for each individual. 

We have many herbal combinations available from a number of our most trusted brands.  Plus, with over 300 bulk herbs in stock, Ron or Juanita are able to put together a custom blend just for you.

Read more about kinesiology here: What is Kinesiology?

Links we like...

Here's some of the companies and organizations we have found to be reputable... check out their info!!

Eden Organic Foods

Enjoy Life (allergy free foods)

Organic Valley ~ Family of Farms

Organic Consumers Association

EWG's Skin Deep (cosmetic safety) - Calorie Counter website


Personalized Wellness Recipes

I wrote this simplified book for a friend for horses and their riders :)  you will find all the information applicable to use as well ~ Optimal Equine Wellness ~  
open this link to read - enjoy and share

I appreciate the opportunity to be your guide on this adventure and welcome your referrals!

Juanita L. Ketcham, CNHC, CNEC
Certified Natural Health Consultant
Certified Natural Equine Consultant
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Remember, feed the body correctly and the body can take care of itself.  You don't catch a germ you earn it.  Learn what stresses you out to learn what your current challenges are.