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But of course, we have credentials!

Juanita has over 40 certificates in herbalism, body and mind healing, biological terrain assessment, aromatherapy... the list goes on!  Together they round out the balance of traditional and modern.

As I have reached retirement age and non of my family wish to continue the art; I have reduced my instore hours to a semi-retirement status as of  August 2019.  The store will only be open Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I do check my emails daily as well as facebook if you need to reach out other days.

Watching people heal and conquer ailments that have held them back is my passion and lives work.  Ron, has tried to get me to retire and I tell him what hobby do I have that would bring me more joy; and as a bonus I make money instead of spending money :) 

The true art of healing is passed down from healer to healer

Links we like...

Here's some of the companies and organizations we have found to be reputable... check out their info!!

Eden Organic Foods

Enjoy Life (allergy free foods)

Organic Valley ~ Family of Farms

Organic Consumers Association

EWG's Skin Deep (cosmetic safety) - Calorie Counter website