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Phenocane is an all-natural supplement product that works with the body's own defense mechanisms to fight pain and discomfort caused by inflammation

Why do we feel pain? In our lives we get physically hurt at some point, whether it be a sprained ankle or your friend punching you in the arm etc. Many believe pain to be a bad awful thing that happens, but in reality its your bodies warning system without it we wouldn't know if we were injured or sick. When the cells in our body begin to suffer, they cry out. Sending signals for help aka pain. If the initial feelings of discomfort are ignored, the signal gets stronger as more and more cells send out their distress calls and we move from a feeling of discomfort to the sensation of pain.

So when you feel pain don't ignore it or run for that bottle of painkillers, because that's exactly what they do the numb the nerves that are sending the signals not actually fixing the problem.

CBD the extract of hemp that is helping relieve pain and digestive issues, anxiety and many other issues

Back to Basics Organics ~ the place to become Pain Free with Natural Pain Killers and CBD!  

There are a few excellent ways to deal with pain first before taking anything try breathing deeply most people in America are very shallow breathers and this results in lower oxygen levels which lead to pain and sickness. So first try taking nice big breaths and moving around some get some blood flowing. If the pain is continuing put pressure on it until the pain stops. The big secret is to not let go! For some crazy reason as humans we put pressure on the pain and then we take it off to look at it, but depending on the severity of the injury, after about 5-20 minutes of applying pressure the pain will suddenly stop. Also if the pain is reoccurring try cutting out some of the starches and sugars in your diet a lot of those in your diet can attribute to more pain. 

If all that is not working we do have supplements you can take such as APS-II, IFC, Phenocane and Relief Formula in store. There are also many spices for Anti- inflammatory such as tumeric, onions, garlic, and yucca. It is also the season for arthritis pain with the cooling temps we do have Homeopaths including King Bio Arthritis Pain & Joint Relief and Peaceful Mountain Joint Rescue gel just for that. We also have our Relax FIR Sauna to help with pain. 

APS-II contains a unique combination of herbs that work synergistically to help relieve muscle and joint aches and pain and soothe inflammation

IF-C is a Chinese herbal combination for reducing heat and inflammation in the body.

Relief Formula is designed to help soothe aches and pains and reduce inflammation.

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