Shoyeido ~ Japanese Incense, handmade in the traditional ways ~ NO chemicals used!

** New Lower Prices **

Now is the time to start taking your elderberries!

With allergies and bronchial weaknesses

Get 'R Down
In the Front Cooler across from the Check Out Counter :

.NEW  from Bethlehem ~ Hand Carved items from the Holy Olive Tree

We've  added  HEALING  STONES !

Each table contains a supplement guiding you to choose the stone to aid in your physical journey.  Carry in your left pocket to increase the energy and building action - or in the right pocket to remove excess energy in that system; or create a bracelet with your stones.  Or grab a cage and braid a necklace of balancing hemp to wear as around the neck and the body will do the balancing needed!

My favorite area is the Amethyst Center,  or maybe it's the Crystal Forest ~ Everyday it's actually different as the stones have been amazing to be around ~~  I invite you to come visit & share in this additional bump to feel the Heal*

Also new ~~~ Lots of wholesome - green - 


Yes, you know the art of exchange :(  due to the slow

movement of the food items; we have condensed a

section of just the      Super  Foods :)  

All of the supplements are still here to

advance your healing as well ~~~

For over 30 years, Ron & Juanita Ketcham have been working hard to help people find improved health and well-being through teaching healthy eating and providing quality supplements.

Ron and Juanita are knowledgeable and passionate about natural health.  At Back to Basics Organics you will not find all the fad items. 

You will find products that work... whether is is supplements, power foods, clean coffee & teas or safe body care, hemp apparel, healing crystals, essential oils and DIY supplies for making clean products.   

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"...and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."  Rev. 22:2

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Back to Basics  Organics ~ in  Knox, In
The place to come in and shop the old fashion way

In the Knox Mall ~ 1307 South Heaton ~ Knox, In 
Behind Taco Bell and Pizza Hut on Hwy 35 ~

 Juanita Ketcham has been helping the community since 1987 on your journey to optimal wellness.

  As I have hit retirement age; I will be slowing down my retail venture while looking for new shepherds to purchase the shop and bring it back to full time functionality :) 

My hope is that there will be a place for me one or two days a week when that happens. 

However, while waiting the Wed. & Sat. hours are what I have limited myself to. 

​New gift items are continuing to arrive and the supplements are stocked at full capacity~

I am so thankful for your continued loyalty and support during this trasition!

Wow, we have added a Gift Shoppe

with Healing Crystals,

All Things Hemp Center, Incense & other cool things! within the stores North Half :)  

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